A word that is warmly extended and graciously received. As a designer, I have been keenly aware of creating a space that says ‘welcome’. I hope that you find this 5-minute space in your day a reprieve now and then to welcome a creative thought or two.

I am not a heart surgeon saving lives, a scientist looking for a cure or a teacher shaping the minds of today’s youth. Most of the general population might argue my quest for beautiful, well-functioning rooms comes low on the list of professions that contribute the most to society.

I became aware that my surroundings affected how I felt at a very young age. Weird, I know, but it was 100% what influenced my career decision.

We may not know it, but sub consciously the private space where you start and end each day has a direct reflection on your mood, productiveness and well-being. A well-designed home directly contributes to how you live your life.

A Well-designed Space Will…

Influence your mood.

Research studies reveal that rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve depression and anxiety. Out of date colors or tired furniture can drain your mood and energy level.bDesign trends featuring more, and larger windows are on the rise. Sun drenched rooms elevate endorphins and stimulate vitality.


Impact your behavior and motivation to act.

A messy hall with shoes, bags, and other stuff may invite you to drop what you are carrying right there, whereas a clean entry and adequate storage will encourage you to take the time to put the item away. A cluttered kitchen counter will make you miss those items that need to go to work or school.


Facilitate interactions.

An inviting space with comfortable chairs can encourage people to sit and chat. Eating dinner at a table is more interactive than eating ‘curbside’ at the counter. When your space works well, your family and friends instinctively act accordingly, and unfortunately the opposite is also true.


Create or reduce stress

Our physical surroundings can impact not only your emotional, but also physical health, including your longevity! Make your home feel like your favorite place to be. Welcome good design. Look around and objectively notice what is around your space. I promise, you will find design an important part of your life every day. It matters!


A Well-Designed Moment

Great design happens when proportion and scale are well thought out, texture is varied and color is balanced. A welcoming foyer sets the tone for your home, welcomes guests and should honor the style of your dwelling place.


Design Lesson

Don’t think of a neutral space as uninteresting or colorless. Instead, mix in textures successfully and enjoy the serene and relaxing mood neutrals infuse in a timeless way. Have fun with the flexibility to introduce color as the seasons change in objects that don’t commit you for the next decade. Blue pottery is almost always better than a blue countertop!

Design with the end in mind,


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